Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing helps businesses cut computing and IT personnel costs, while adding flexibility and fast innovation.

Cloud computing is a new-wave IT architecture under which business tap their data and applications over the Internet or intranets instead of from local servers.

We offer a broad range of cloud solutions to meet your business needs. Our cloud service experts understand the need for businesses to have affordable and well managed cloud technology services. We work with whoever cloud provider the clients select or we can help the clients to select the provider based on client needs. We will help the clients to implement the cloud solution that meets the strategic objectives of clients in the cost effective manner. Platform Azure Platform Amazon Services

Cloud Application Development
Application development in the cloud environment is totally different approach than our traditional way of application development. Every cloud provider has their own PaaS (Platform as a Service). Thus developmental environment varies provider to provider. We will assist the clients by providing right resources for their development process.

We also provide custom cloud applications based on client needs. Our team of experts will analyze the client requirement and will build the application and deliver.

Cloud Migration
Migrating to cloud is one of the best ways to reduce the high maintenance IT cost. Full (application and data) or part migration (application or data to the cloud) also will help to reduce the infrastructure and maintenance cost. We will assist the clients to migrate their applications to cloud the way they needs.

We will provide the resources as and when required or we will do the full migration in reduced cost.

Cloud Data Management
Data management is one of the important tasks in cloud based applications. We strongly recommend the clients to focus more on data management for cloud based applications. Data management in cloud is not a traditional way database management. Cloud providers have their own mechanism and structure to store the data. Clients can decide to have their data either in the cloud or in the traditional RDBMS storage. Cloud applications can handle both.

We will assist the clients to migrate or develop database in the cloud either by providing right resources or on project basis.

Cloud Maintenance
Though there is no maintenance cost involved in Cloud based applications, there will be major task involved to monitor the application usage. Cloud providers will charge the clients based on their cloud usage. (The usage may be per user based or transaction based or storage based). And, if there is a custom application upgrade, it is client responsibility to take care of the current production systems not cloud provider.

We will assist the clients to do the upgrade or monitor the application in the cloud by providing right resources.

Cloud Computing Consulting
Our consultants combine extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership. Starting with an understanding of the business need, we then work with our clients to design and deliver efficient solutions, striking the right balance between leveraging what they have and delivering what they need.